Urbano superstructures, equipment and dimensions

Bezeichnung des Aufbaus B 1P 1P 2P 3C 1
SignWithout boxBox normalBox deepBox highLid box
Drop sides
Folding drop sides left / right●/●−/●−/●−/●−/●
Folding drop side at the rear
Fixed front wall
 Side walls
Fixed aluminum end wall
Removable aluminum side panel left / right−/−●/●●/●−/●●/●
Box on the left with flap / lid−/−●/−●/−●/−−/●
Fold bottom
Railing on the box
Device holder6666
Removable lashing eyes on the floor6666
Lashing straps with belt clamp, 2.5 mx 25 mm2222
Special equipment
Removable aluminum side panel left / right / rear○/○/○−/−/○−/−/○−/−/○−/−/○
Assembly set with 4 tool holders, 1 grab boy holder, 4 lashing eyes and 2 lashing straps
Structure of nominal dimensions
Nominal length13001300130013001300
Nominal width900900900900770
Nominal height11001100110011001160
Nominal height of the side wall400400400400400
Loading area inside dimensions
Length inside13001300130013001300
Width inside900580430580470
Height of the side wall360360360360360
Side wall height880880880880880
Load compartment opening dimensions
Height opening10201020102010201080
Wide opening at the back820540390540430
Wide opening on the side12201220122012201220

Structure of external dimensions

Length outside13461346134613461346
Width outside960976976976820
Height outside11001236123612361296
Box nominal dimensions
Length box nominal130013001300900
Wide box nominal320470320300
Height box nominal400400600400

Box inside dimensions

Length box inside121712171217817
Wide box inside301451301297
Height box inside356356556356
Box opening dimensions
Height opening333333533257
Wide opening118011801180857

Professional Line

Basic Line

Cargo Bike Line

Urbano transport system units