C 1


C 1

Out and about with the bike? When it is fitted with the C 1 unit, the Cargo Bike Line is ideal for use with load-transporting bicycles. The rear wall can be folded, and there is a spacious box with a lid which can easily be accessed from the side. Easy to use: equipment holders, lashing eyes – everything in the right place. > leahttps://flora.biz/en/landschaftspflege/details/rn more

Cooperations suitable vehicles

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Unit SystemB 1P 1P 2P 3C 1
SignWithout boxBox normalBox deepBox highLid box
Drop sides
Folding drop sides left / right●/●−/●−/●−/●−/●
Folding drop side at the rear
Fixed front wall
 Side walls
Fixed aluminum end wall
Removable aluminum side panel left / right−/−●/●●/●−/●●/●
Box on the left with flap / lid−/−●/−●/−●/−−/●
Fold bottom
Railing on the box
Device holder6666
Removable lashing eyes on the floor6666
Lashing straps with belt clamp, 2.5 mx 25 mm2222
Special equipment
Removable aluminum side panel left / right / rear○/○/○−/−/○−/−/○−/−/○−/−/○
Assembly set with 4 tool holders, 1 grab boy holder, 4 lashing eyes and 2 lashing straps

Urbano transport system units