Communal and private service providers are faced with new challenges. Climate protection, work efficiency or materials separation – these are the slogans of our time. FLORA’s new Urbano repre-sents the start of a new era and embodies envi-ronmental protection, performance and comfort coupled with the requirements of contemporary outdoor cleaning and maintenance of grassed areas.

FLORA Urbano is a transport system unit for transporting work tools and materials on carrier vehicles using alternative drive systems, for ex-ample small electric-powered transporters or cargo bicycles. In addition to stand-alone vehi-cles, the concept includes trailers.

There are three main sectors: Outdoor cleaning, and landscape and cemetery maintenance. Every tool and every material plays its part – hand tools, power tools, working materials, plants or topsoil, and also material which needs collecting, such as waste or green cuttings. Everything is stored safely on the FLORA Urbano, is quickly available for use, and the capacity is excellent.

The brand-new G2 series from Goupil is a perfect working platform which provides a very wide range of options. With the addition of a unit from the Urbano Professional Line, the result is a functional solution for efficient work processes in municipalities, in cemeteries or in landscape maintenance.

It is the sheer performance of M Products agile Virto2C which is so impressive. Fitted with an Urbano transport system unit, it offers ideal solutions for all outdoor cleaning sectors in which the manoeuvrability and flexibility of the Virto2C are needed, including large building complexes, cemeteries, parks and other structured urban areas.

Is there a lot that needs to be moved? The Jack L from Zallys is the perfect solution when large volumes are involved. With its powerful grooved tyres, a large easily accessible loading platform and one or more trailers for transporting material, the Jack L offers so many options! Power tools, any material which needs collecting, or tools for an entire group of workers – the Urbano transport system unit has space for everything!

Radkutsche’s Musketier is at home wherever equipment of all kinds is urgently needed. As a Pedelec, it supports the driver with a powerful electric motor which ensures that hills and journeys under load are easily overcome. A large stowage space provides enough space for tools and materials. Mounting brackets and boxes ensure that everything is safely and quickly to hand.

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