For urban spaces, accentuation and special features are of vital importance.

We present a multitude of options for exterior design – our products are worth a close look!


We offer a large variety of planters and flower boxes, which in form and colour adapt to any kind of architecture. All planters are made of powder-coated metal or Corten

steel, and planting inserts are made of aluminium. Different versions of planters range from frost-proof outdoor products to waterproof ones for indoor use – ideal for

hotels, restaurants or offices. In accordance with individual needs and ideas, they may be equipped with systems, special patterns or your individual logo.


In the outdoor area of restaurants or hotels, on a terrace or in gardens, sight protection might be necessary. Our blinds and screens

cover a wide range of high-quality solutions to separate places, entrances or terraces and protect them prying eyes. We offer

permanently as well as mobile systems planters with trellises or climbing aids.


Trellises and climbing aids help to green walls in a shapely as well as efficient way. We offer modern and flexible products for greening

facades that can adapt to the architecture and at the same time set their own aesthetic accents. All products consist of single

metal elements for modular systems. Even with or without even a little vegetation, our trellises are expressive eye-catchers.


Accessories provide variety and are always a visual attraction – even more so when they fulfil a purpose. Based on this principle,

our product design expressively unites form and function. High-quality materials meet sophisticated aesthetics

– with impressive results!

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