Removable planting inserts are standard items for every planter. Both of our high-quality aluminium inserts are made in Germany and stand out thanks to their excellent functionality and careful manufacture. Of course, they can be removed from the planter and are available in waterproof or permeable versions. Which insert to choose depends only on the intended use. The double walls create an air layer between the planter and the insert. This is how the roots are protected from heat and frost.

Waterpermeable planting insert Water-permeable inserts are designed for outdoor use. The design allows for a layer of air on the inner wall of the planter, and this isolates the roots and protects them from heat, drying-out and frost. Narrow ventilation slits in the side walls allow oxygen to circulate around the roots and protect the soil from too much moisture. At the same time, water may accumulate on the bottom of the insert, which is equipped with a connection for a hose to drain off surplus rainwater.

Waterproof planting insert Waterproof inserts are best for indoor use. An internal tray (optional) serves as a reservoir and is equipped with a water level indicator. 

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